28 November 2010

Kloof Corner & Pink Watsonias

: 26 November 2010

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Michele & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

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'Twas back to one of our favourite spots for a quick late Friday afternoon walk: up the steps and along the Kloof Corner zig-zag path to reach the Table Mountain contour. Even though our training schedule is getting us fitter there was still a bit of huffing and puffing up all those the stairs. Phew!

Along the way we saw comb flower, Micranthus (not sure which variety).

Onwards we went, past the tumbled-down rocks, up to the cliff-face.

After a brief rest and a drink of water we ambled along the contour path.

Round the corner we went, straight into a patch of pink Watsonia borbonica. There were elsewhere too, but en masse like this, up and down the slope... wow, such an impact! The pink was almost fluorescent, unfortunately not captured very well in these pictures (they photograph so much better in sunshine rather than late afternoon shade).

This reminded me of the ones we saw of Devil's Peak last year (see here and here). Not as many as that post-fire spectacle, but still rather overwhelmingly lovely. There were purple-pink pelargoniums in the mix too.

We came down the path below the Cableway, seeing a late lone blue Morea on the way. Then back along the road.


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Firefly said...

It feels like every time you go for a walk on the mountain somewhere you show me a new flower.