04 November 2010

Prom: Training Walk, Week 1

Date: 2 November 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

For other walks on the prom look here.

The plan: My start on the road back to fitness (in preparation for the Whale Trail next year) is a commitment to do two "training walks" a week for the month of November. This is the minimum... hopefully I'll fit in some additional walking (and some other exercise). Every week I'd like to complete one walk along Sea Point Promenade (along my usual route, approximately 6.5km) and one climb up Lion's Head. I know from experience that this will get me going again and next month I'll take it up a notch. And by "training walk" mean a little faster than my usual dawdle, with fewer stops for photos, and less chatting. A steady pace, getting my heart rate up and keeping it up for a while. I am going to record my experiences and progress here.

Before: I wasn't in the mood and I nearly postponed until tomorrow, but instead bullied myself into making a start on this programme as planned. It was a cool, gloomy afternoon, with rainy weather coming soon. Not too bad on the Prom, although the wind was nippy and I'd forgotten to bring a jacket.

The walk: I set off briskly and maintained a medium pace for the full distance. Took 80 minutes. I didn't break a sweat, mostly because it was chilly, and I was walking to keep warm. I was very aware of aches and stiffness in my body, particularly the upper back. At first it was odd not to stop and take pictures when things caught my eye, but I got into my stride and really enjoyed the feeling of being in motion and covering distance, and then I didn't want to stop! I did a fair bit of thinking during the walk and didn't pay much attention to my surroundings other than noticing a lot of homeless people. Definitely more than I normally see here. This was sad and depressing... man, some people have such difficult lives.

After: I felt I'd walked just far enough for my energy levels today. I'm very pleased that I've started the "training"; now I just need to keep it up! My legs felt as if they had done a bit of work and I felt mentally calmer and more relaxed than before the walk.

Next walk, later this week: up Lion's Head.


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Firefly said...

I would struggle not stopping to take photos.

Good luck with your training.