09 May 2010

Muizenberg Beach: Surfer's Corner

Date: 8 May 2010

Location: Muizenberg beachfront

Walkers: Helen and Dorothy

*** Route plotted here ***

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Dorothy and I met in Muizenberg and left our cars in the little parking lot at the end of York Road, near the station (and the bookshop). From here we had to cross the railway line to get to the beach.

And onto the sand! This end of the beach is known as Surfer's Corner.

The surf schools were in full swing with kids of all ages in the water. Conditions were perfect.

Architecturally there is whole lot going on here: art deco facades on the beachfront properties, colonnaded ablution facilities near the beach, brightly coloured wooden bath houses on the sand and the hideous Muizenberg Pavilion in the middle of it all.

We walked on past the hustle and bustle of Surfer's Corner. Of course we had to detour around the canal.

After that we strode out on the long wide stretch of white sand.

There was a little sea mist rolling in making it hazy.

As usual kelp and mussel shells dotted the beach.

After a way we turned and walked back. On the way we passed this wedding party having photos taken on the sand. It looked like they were having a really good time. Congratulations strangers!

(Photos by Helen)

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Surfers Corner said...

Beautiful collection of photos from Surfers Corner.