23 May 2010

Llandudno Beach

Date: 21 May 2010

Location: Llandudno

Walkers: Michele and Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

Llandudno is a small upmarket suburb of Cape Town, between Camps Bay and Hout Bay. History here.

We accessed the beach via a short walk through a milkwood forest.

The beach seemed surprisingly small, but typical of this section of the Atlantic coastline with its white sand and granite boulders.

There was more than enough room, though, for all the groups of people enjoying the warm sunny afternoon and walking their dogs.

Little Lions Head is the small peak to the south. It looks just like Lion's Head in the city bowl doesn't it?

The large boulders on this side of the beach are known as Sunset Rocks.

The northern end of the beach is covered with small rocks. This is the direction in which we walked.

We boulder-hopped over the rocks towards the headland ahead.

As we got to the end of this stretch, the view back to the beach and the suburb was fabulous. The mountain further south is Karbonkelberg.

There were a lot of surfers out, but not much in the way of surf.

At the end of the rocky section we followed a path over the rise. On the other side was another little bay which looked very wild and unspoilt. I looked it up... this is Logie's Bay. There is no sandy beach or easy access down to the sea. But it is apparently is a popular diving site.

There was a seal sunning itself on a boulder, indifferent to our presence.

The peak towering above is Judas Peak, the most southerly peak of the Twelve Apostles range.

The rocky peninsula is called Logie's Rocks. We inspected some caves, and walked amongst the boulders. What a fascinating landscape.

It really was a fun place to explore!

Daisies were growing in the sheltered spots.

Such a lovely bright yellow!

But the boulders were the main attraction. I just loved their rounded shapes.

From Logie's Rocks we got sensational views back to Llandudno.

We could see all the way to the Oude Schip peninsula in the distance.

We headed back along the main path. I stopped on a bench for a bit to soak in the scenic beauty of the place. It was a perfect afternoon.

We followed a path behind the rocks this time, through the coastal bush, and then walked back down to the beach via some steps.

As we crossed the sand the beach was now looking golden in the late afternoon light. There were a lot of excited dogs charging around.

A path led up through the reeds and bush, which we followed for a way.

Logie's Rocks were clearly visible across the bay...

... as were Sunset Rocks below. Unfortunately we had to hurry home and couldn't stay for sunset. Bet it was a beautiful one!

(Photos by Michele and Helen)


Nazarina A said...

Is this really my birthplace? I have obviously forgotten how beautiful South Africa really is!!!!
I am loving all your walks and have shared your adventures with my husband. He is really enjoying your pictures as well!

I particularly loved the the yellow flower growing out of those colossal boulders.Your photography is over the top awesome!

Helen said...

Thank you for your kind words Nazarina! So glad you are enjoying my pics and remembering your birthplace. No question in my mind that Cape Town is the most beautiful place in the world!

Anonymous said...

For sure, the most beautiful city in the world!.