30 March 2009

Muizenberg Beach

Date: 29 March 2009

Location: Muizenberg beachfront

Walkers: Helen and Dorothy

It was a blustery afternoon and the kite surfers were out!

I looked up at Muizenberg Peak and St James's Peak: I'd walked down Peck's Valley between them the day before. Wow, it really was steep!

There was lots to see on the shoreline: kelp, sea-shells, whelks, jellyfish, bluebottles and yucky pond weed.

The whelks were devouring the bluebottles with much ferocity.

By far the strangest thing we saw on the beach, however, was this:

This is the lower part of a large stem of kelp that had been washed up - it looked as it was covered with transparent noodles. At first we assumed it was some sort of growth or type of seaweed. But they were moving! Some sort of parasite? Worms?!
If any one knows what this is, please leave a comment.

(All photos by Helen)

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