02 May 2010

Walking Dogs on Fish Hoek Beach

Date: 27 April 2010

Location: Fish Hoek beach, from Clovelly Corner

Walkers: Dominic and Helen with dogs Henry, Sharky and Malachy

Previous walks on this beach here and here, and route followed here.

The northern section of Fish Hoek beach is Dom's favourite dog-walking spot. A cool and cloudy weekday public holiday was the perfect opportunity for us to drive down to the beach and give the hounds a run.

A lagoon has formed as the stream is no longer open to the sea.

The beach was strewn with kelp.

Malachy and Sharky chased after lengths of sea-weed lobbed into the sea. A fun game for boisterous and happy dogs!

Henry had no interest in 'fetch' and took off by himself, sniffing his way up and down the beach.

We walked as far as we could - the southern part of the beach does not allow dogs. Then we turned around and made our way back.

I particularly enjoyed the soft silvery colours of the sea and the sky.

(Photos by Helen)

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