11 March 2012

De Mond: West Lagoon to Beach

Date: 4 March 2012

Location: De Mond Nature Reserve. In the Overberg. Download map here.

Walkers: John, Ian, Helen & Elizabeth

My previous visit to De Mond here, here and here.

Brunsvigia orientalis were growing along the wayside as we approached De Mond Nature Reserve. I love these candelabra flowers! Once we settled into our cottage on the reserve we meandered down to the picnic area...

... crossed the river via the swing bridge...

... and followed the path to the left, towards the beach.

The lagoon was a beautiful blue.

A new wooden board-walk took us up and over the dune.

We meandered across the flats, following the sandy track.

Beautiful salt marsh vegetation enchanted us with soft colours.

It wasn't long til we reached the sand dunes and beach.

Skeleton of a sand shark?

Collecting shells.

Too cold and windy for a sea swim so it was back towards the lagoon.

John getting the perfect close-up shot.

Lagoon... samphire, sea weed, fish darting around the shallows. Quick dip in the refreshing water and now we feel as if we're really on holiday!



Firefly said...

I also love candelabra flowers. I haven't had a chance to explore the Overberg coastline and looking at this perhaps I should.

John Newdigate said...

Beautiful pics Helen, good to see the same subject matter through another's eye.....I think the Overberg coastline is magical.....

Marie said...

Wow. That's all.