25 September 2010

De Mond: East Lagoon and Upriver

Date: 19 September 2010

Location: De Mond Nature Reserve in the Overberg.

Helen, Ian, John & Dorothy

On our last day in De Mond I took an early morning stroll by myself.

As I walked along the track to the east shore of the river I was loving the way the sun was making the dewdrops in the grass twinkle.

When I got to the lagoon a mist had come up and it was no longer sunny. There was an quiet almost eerie atmosphere at the water's edge.

A few sandpipers were scuttling along in the shallows and a vast number of cormorants had gathered on the dunes. This place is sea-bird heaven.

On the walk back the blue sky came out again. Maybe a nice day after all?

After breakfast all of us went to explore upriver. After crossing the bridge we turned right. Instead of taking a left along the Sterna Trail as we did yesterday, we headed straight following the path around the bend, along the west shore of the Heuningnes river.

It is really lovely to see such an unspoilt river.

We couldn't walk very far as there's a fence with private land beyond, so we strolled back, and climbed the hill to the viewpoint again.

We sat here a while, enjoying the great views in all directions, and planning our next visit to this special place.


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