28 February 2012

A Stroll along the Pipe Track

Date: 25 September 2011

Location: from Kloof Nek

Walkers: Helen and Dorothy

Previous walks on the Pipe Track here, here and here.

Although the path follows the contour there are enough ups and downs on this route to get the heart rate going a bit. Especially on a hot afternoon! We were grateful for the shade from the trees along the way.

Table Mountain, seen from the side.

Eye-catching bark on this tree.

And an usual 'dead thing'. I wonder what the plant looked like before.

We walked out for half an hour and then turned around and walked back. Fresh air and a bit of exercise, just what the doctor ordered :-)



Firefly said...

One of the great options for a quick outing on the mountain

Firefly said...

I saw that the Pipe Track was featured on Pasella last week.