14 March 2012

De Mond: Another Dawn on the Lagoon

Date: 6 March 2012

Location: De Mond Nature Reserve. In the Overberg.

Walker: Helen

De Mond archive here.

I was up early again on our second morning at De Mond and went for a walk by myself. These days it's a rare treat to be able to walk entirely on one's own. I meandered back to the lagoon of course. A narrow sandy path snakes along though the vegetation near to the shore.

The sun and the sky were doing dramatic things again.

Such stillness next to the water's edge.

And looking at my feet... samphire and sea weed.

And an interesting paw print. Wonder what it belongs to?



Marie said...

Samphire! Did you taste?

Your posts have put De Mond high my my next list :-)

Helen said...

I had a nibble - crunchy and salty. I rather liked it. According to wikipedia "the term samphire is used for several unrelated species of coastal plant". Someone told me that this plant is samphire some time back but I don't actually know which one, or if it is indeed properly edible. I haven't tried to cook it.

Yes, De Mond is definitely worth a visit. Mid-week you might well have the place to yourselves. I hope Kogelberg is also on your list.