16 March 2012

Back to the Silvermine River Walk

Date: 12 March 2012

Location: Silvermine

Walkers: Michele, Helen & Dorothy

**** Route plotted here ***

Previous walks along this route here and here.

Once again we left a hot and sunny city bowl to find Silvermine overcast, cool and breezy. We decided on the River Walk route as it follows the valley and is in no way exposed. And out of the cold wind it was great for walking. We followed the sandy path as it meandered along, climbing up the valley at a very mild gradient. Easy stroll, even for unfit ladies like ourselves.

Stopping to smell the flowers. This erica, in various shades of pink, had tiny little flowers and a honey-like scent.

Other pink flowers: sweet-scented Keurboom tree, Virgilia oroboides.

Spindly Indigofera filifolia.

And a different variety of erica. So pretty!

LinkAnd red too: Tritoniopsis triticea, almost over now.

The second half of the walk is in the forest. Here the path runs close to the river and we saw no water running at all. The waterfall was dry. Summer is nearly over so rains should come soon - we need them.

The dam looked dark and moody, with cloud very low.

We followed the same route back down to the start.



Ellen Zachos said...

I think this is where Marie and I swam. Did you take a dip?

Helen said...

Hi Ellen! I am sure that is where you had your swim. We didn't take a dip this time - far too chilly - but I have swum in the dam several times before. Love it.