12 March 2012

De Mond: East Lagoon to Beach

5 March 2012

Location: De Mond Nature Reserve. In the Overberg. Download map here.

Walkers: Helen, Ian and John

De Mond archive here.

I woke early and set off just after dawn. The sun was out but there was also a lot of cloud in the sky. I walked along the eastern side of the Lagoon.

Ian and John had set off a little earlier and I spotted them in the distance.

The lagoon was looking silvery.

The sun had retreated behind some cloud which made for dramatic light.

We strolled across the shallows towards the beach.

The sea was surprisingly warm but rather wild.


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Unknown said...

Some beautiful pics. Early morning is the perfect time for a walk and it looks like the wind wasn't blowing. Awesome