18 December 2011

Happy Dog at Woodbridge Island

Date: 17 December 2011

Location: Milnerton Beach from Woodbridge Island

Walkers: Helen, Sarah and Malachy

Previous walks on this beach here, here and here.

I went for a walk on the beach at Woodbridge Island with my friend Sarah and her sweet dog Malachy. It was a glorious summer morning.

We walked carefully across the sand as the beach was covered in blue bottles. They were everywhere, but particularly all over the kelp.

We crossed over to the lagoon. Wispy clouds in the sky.

From here we got a great view across Table Bay to the city. Lions Head, Signal Hill and Cape Town Stadium.

Malachy went for a swim in the channel.

He's a pleasure to take to the beach - he's very well behaved, yet bounds around with such joy and happiness.

His best fun is chasing sticks in the waves.


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