27 April 2009

Milnerton Beach

Date: 22 April 2009

Location: Milnerton beach from Woodbridge Island

Walkers: Michele and Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

After voting in our national election in the morning, we met up near the lifesaver's clubhouse on Woodbridge Island for a walk along Milnerton Beach in the afternoon. It was a very grey day.

(Photo by Helen)

Some brave folk paddled in the chilly Atlantic.

(Photo by Helen)

We walked in a southerly direction. Even on a cloudy day, the view of Table Mountain, Devil's Peak and Lion's Head is wonderful from this beach.

(Photo by Helen)

This is a good beach for interesting stones, shells and washed-up seaweed.

(Photos by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

There were sections of beach strewn with pebbles.

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

And although it wasn't busy today, there was plenty of evidence that the beach is well-used!

(Photos by Helen)

We walked to the end of the beach. From here we could look back up the channel between the island and the mainland towards Milnerton.

(Photo by Michele)

Lion's Head and Signal Hill could be seen across the bay.

(Photos by Michele)

On the stroll back this guy buzzed past us in his craft.

(Photo by Helen)

It looked lots of fun!

(Photo by Michele)

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