15 July 2011

Milnerton Beach Stroll

Date: 3 July 2011

Location: Milnerton Beach from Woodbridge Island

Walkers: Helen & Brenda

Previous walks on this beach here and here.

After a few miserable days there was a break in the weather and we headed to Woodbridge Island for a walk on Milnerton Beach.

It was lovely to be outside under the bright blue sky.

The only downside is the beach was full of litter. Way more than normal - I guess it was brought in on the tide. It was shocking to see so much plastic.

We should be seeing only this sort of the thing on the sand:

As we walked back we watched a rain shower over the city bowl.


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Unknown said...

We have had a week or so of beautiful sunshine.

Its always sad to see junk washed up on the beach.