31 December 2011

Kirstenbosch: The Pineapple Lily

Date: 30 December 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walkers: Dorothy, Jo and Helen

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After a cup of tea at the tearoom we meandered down the western side of the garden, past the Botanical Society building and the wetlands, and on the lawns and sculptures in the lower garden.

It was a perfect sunny day! It was so pleasant to be in the peaceful garden rather than a bustling shopping centre (where I'd been earlier in the day).

The late summer beds are full and, in places, looking rather overgrown.

But there were lots of pretty flowers...

One of the most unusual plants in the garden right now is the Pineapple Lily, Eucomis autumnalis. What a magnificent display!


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Firefly said...

I have a pineapple lily at home which is also in bloom at the moment. Wasn't when we left but I was glad to see it in flower on returning from holiday.