17 December 2011

A Cloud from Kloof Corner

Date: 29 November 2011

Location: Table Mountain

Walkers: Brenda & Helen

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On our weekly walk up Kloof Corner steps Brenda and I were fascinated by the cloud sitting on the Saddle. It was beautiful sunny weather on our side of Table Mountain, so we were puzzled how and why this peculiar cloud had formed across on the other side. It wasn't flowing down the slope like a south-easter cloud. Instead it just seemed to sit there, nestling in the hollow, all fluffy and white. And really very pretty.

When we weren't staring at the unusual cloud we looked down to spot micranthus, the comb flower, growing alongside the path.

And pelargonium too. This inflorescence type is called umbel.

I wasn't feeling at all well and couldn't face the final climb up to the rock face. So I rested on a rock for a bit while Brenda charged up the final section on her own. And then we plodded down together.



Marie said...

Shame, are you feeling better?

The pelargonium is beautiful.

Helen said...

I had a migraine the day after I did this walk (very unusual for me) but am completely better now :)