17 December 2011

Clifton Third Beach

Date: 2 December 2011

Location: Clifton

Walkers: Michele & Helen

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It was a horrible howling south-easter in town, so Michele and I took ourselves off to the Atlantic coast for a bit of a stroll and picnic on Clifton Beach. We parked on Victoria Road and took one of the many stepped paths down to the sand. Clifton is a affluent area and it's always fun to peek at the lovely cottages on the way down.

It wasn't long til we reached the sand. It was not entirely wind-free on the beach, but still very pleasant, warm and sunny. Water was freezing though.

Lion's Head loomed above.

We walked up and down a bit...

... then found a sheltered spot between the granite boulders and had some chips and Appletiser. Beaches are very relaxing - it was good to unwind after a busy day. Sand between the toes.

After a while the wind got up again, so we left at about 6.30pm, still broad daylight. On the way back up the stairs we had a nasty experience: a man tried to mug us. As it happened we were alone on the steps at the time, about two-thirds of the way up. A well-dressed man walked past us on his way down, greeted us, very friendly. A moment later he turned back up again and said he would be taking one of our bags. Michele was furious and yelled at him very loudly and angrily and he ran away. I'm not sure who got the bigger fright! We were fine and nothing taken - just really outraged that this happened at all. So our excursion ended at the Camps Bay police station where we went to report the incident.


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