23 July 2011

St James: Half-Way along the Old Mule Path

Date: 10 July 2011

Location: Silvermine East, from Boyes Dr, above St James

Walkers: Richard, Claudia, Helen and the dogs

My friends have moved into a new house in St James, close to one of my favourite routes up the mountains there: the Old Mule Path. We took the dogs up - or more accurately, they took us - for a short amble, just half-way up the hill and then back down again (we didn't have time for a longer walk). The proteas were in flower.

And the whole hillside was covered in bright yellow-green leucadendron. Lovely!


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Firefly said...

I'm not even going to mention my amazement on the amount of trails you have in Cape Town, I'm just going to sit back and hang my mouth open.