02 July 2011

Silvermine River Walk Revisited

Date: 18 June 2011

Location: Silvermine

Walkers: Helen & Dorothy

**** Route plotted here ***

Previous walk along this route here.

Dorothy and I decided to make the most of the sunshine and go for an amble along the popular River Walk route in Silvermine. This walk starts near the main entrance gate, and follows the valley up to the dam.

It is a particular favourite amongst dog-walkers, and it is good to see their needs catered for with free poo bags and bins available at the start of the walk.

We followed the sign and took the path through the bush.

We made a small detour to visit the pond near the picnic area. It was at full capacity. We heard much croaking from the resident frog population.

The path is easy walking, with a gentle climb through the fynbos.

Behind us the view was of Silvermine East with False Bay beyond.

Wasn't much to see in the way of flowers, but the vegetation looked green.

Further on we walked into the forest and close by the stream. Nothing nicer than the sound of a gushing water, and so different to summertime when there's seldom much more than a trickle running here.

As we crossed the small bridge there were even waterfalls!

The last stretch was mostly along wooden boardwalks. Very easy walking!

We turned around at the dam and followed the same route back.



Unknown said...

We have had so much rain in PE that all the ponds, streams, pools, hollows and even my lawn is full of water. Not complaining, but we can do with some sunshine to dry things off a little.

Reggie said...

Oh! The waterfall is lovely! So nice to see that the winter rains have made the stream flow again.