01 July 2011

Green Point Park and a Sunset

14 June 2011

Location: Mouille Point


In need of some fresh air after a busy day I went down to Green Point Park (archive here). It is such a peaceful spot...

I meandered around the Biodiversity Garden, enjoying the wintery sunshine.

Several plants were in flower, including Gnidia and Salvia.

And wild rosemary. The garden seems to be thriving!

Each time I visit the park I see new things. This time: an interesting-looking playground (still under construction behind the barriers) and an analemmatic sundial.

After my circuit around the park I walked down to the Prom at Mouille Point.

It was a rather beautiful sunset.

Once the sun had gone the whole sky turned pink.




Firefly said...

Its seems that you haven't got security problems in the park. We seem to have had a couple of snags in parks lately, but hopefully the municipality and police will wake up soon and do something about it.

Stunning sunset

Reggie said...

My goodness - what a sunset-sky!!!!

We love visiting the park; there is always something new to see.