10 July 2011

Kalk Bay Harbour and Boulders

Date: 26 June 2011

Location: Kalk Bay and Boulders, Simon's Town

Walkers: Helen and my aunt and cousins

Previous visit to Boulders here, to Kalk Bay Harbour here and here.

Doing the tourist thing with family visiting from KZN... first stop Kalk Bay Harbour. We took a stroll around the quays and enjoyed seeing the seals in the water and the colourful fishing boats. The boats had been out that morning and there was fresh fish for sale.

Without any prompting the boys lay down on the harbour wall and looked down at the sea on the other side. I always do exactly the same thing!

After the harbour we travelled a bit further down the coast to Simon's Town to visit the penguin colony at Boulders. From the entrance at the parking area it's a pleasant stroll along the wooden board-walk to reach the main look out point.

From the board-walk we looked down on the beaches. Easy to see where Boulders gets its name isn't it.

I still haven't explored the mountains above Simon's Town... looks inviting... I would love to go up there one day.

Even though it was a sunny day there was an icy cold wind blowing, so we were wrapped up warmly.

We were at Boulders to see penguins of course and we soon spotted them in the bushes. Several were making use of the special nesting units.

And there were also a large number on the beach. Plenty of babies!

I find penguins very entertaining.

Just look at the cuteness of this little fellow!


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Firefly said...

Over new year we will be camping at Chapmans Peak Caravan Farm for just short of two weeks and all of these are on my list of things to do with the family. Plus possibly walking up Platteklip Gorge.