29 January 2011

Vermaaklikheid: Rural Rambles

Date: 25 January 2011

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Walkers: Michele, Claudia & Helen

Vermaaklikheid archive here

This afternoon we got in the car and drove through the village centre in order to try a walk on the other side of Vermaaklikheid.

There were private property signs, but we hoped it would be okay to stroll quietly along the road. There were no sign of any people around. The road lead us down to a green field with cows - a rather idyllic rural scene.

But then a bull came trundling along, lowing loudly and rather agitated. We beat a hasty retreat!

We drove back through the village and decided to walk along one of the side roads off the main road instead. This took us into another of the valleys.

There were a couple of abandoned and dilapidated cottages, as well as several empty holiday homes. Only the farm houses seemed occupied.

We stopped to look at the snails on the yukka plants. How peculiar.

We meandered on, past windmills, over cattle grids, along the twisty road.

When we turned around we village was catching the last of the sun.

And it was a beautiful sunset!


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Firefly said...

Just shows how much countryside this beautiful country has to discover.