31 January 2011

Kirstenbosch: Awesome Agapanthus

Date: 27 January 2011

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walker: Helen & Dorothy

Kirstenbosch archive here.

A visit to Kirstenbosch this time of year means enjoying the Agapanthus.

I must say I've taken these blue lilies for granted most of my life. But recently I've started to appreciate them anew. Mass displays in the garden are truly spectacular. And just look at those stripey six-petalled flowers - they're just so pretty and cheerful!

I love their form: a ball of buds, opening to an explosion of flowers.

The pale baby-blue ones are the most well-known, but medium blue ones are lovely too.

And as for the deep dark purple... wow!

Of course they also come in white.

But my absolute favourite is this particular shade, a pinky-purpley-blue.

The garden was fairly quiet mid-week. The gardeners were out and about, hard at work, watering, weeding and planting.

There was lots of other colour in the beds.

I particularly liked the Eucomis, the pineapple flower.

This grey and gold display caught my eye. Stunning.

After a bit of ambling around, I made my way to the Dell.

Here I sat on a bench in the cool shade and read my book for a while. Aah, so peaceful and relaxing.

Delicate streptocarpus grew abundantly nearby.

Mid-afternoon I strolled back towards the tea-room. The display beds here are always colourful. I met Dorothy for a natter over tea and scones.

Then we took another turn through the garden, stopping in at the sculpture exhibition space.

The living wall on this building is flourishing. Best I've seen it!


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