17 January 2011

Silvermine Reservoir Trail

Date: 16 January 2011

Location: Silvermine

Walkers: Michele & Helen

*** Route plotted here ***

We arrived at Silvermine early on Sunday morning to find cloud on the mountain and a very cold wind blowing. We weren't sure about doing the route we'd planned, so decided to take a walk around the dam first.

In all the years I've been walking at Silvermine I've never done this short walk around the reservoir. As the sign indicates, it is just a twenty minute (at most!) stroll. After crossing the dam wall we followed the path to the right, through the trees. Wheelchair friendly. No dogs allowed.

To our left were the soft reeds and grasses typical of a wetland.

A wooden board-walk protects the environment. Very easy walking.

It is flowering time for Watsonia tabularis now. Sprays of orange everywhere!

At several spots along the route one can access the water, and also get fabulous views of the wetlands surrounding the reservoir and the mountains beyond. We were happy to see the clouds lifting off Constantiaberg.

At the far end we crossed the bridge over the streams feeding the dam.

The path splits and then joins again a couple of times along the route. A rather cute and quirky feature, yes?

The waterlilies growing beneath the bridge were looking happy. Many of the protea bushes dotted found on the northern shore had buds. Oooh, they will be open soon.

Also spotted: dragonflies, and a family of geese on the water.

We completed the circle on the other side of the dam. Lots of nice braai and picnic spots along this side, and, even though it was still early, people were arriving already. As it looked like the weather was improving we decide to set off for the big walk up Constantiaberg as originally planned.



Firefly said...

This looks like a very pleasant way to warm up for the next walk. Another great spot on CT's doorstep.

Reggie said...

Beautiful pictures, Helen. The reservoir is such a tranquil spot... unless there's loads of picnickers of course. Sigh, just looking at these images makes me feel more peaceful.

Helen said...

Agreed, one of the most serene spots. That's wetlands for you!