20 January 2011

Side Note: Trail Runners

I've got new shoes! A couple of people recommend New Balance trail running shoes, so thought I'd give them a try. Half price at the outlet store, bargain. Of course I don't do any running but I hope they will be a good walking shoe. They seem very comfortable.


Firefly said...

I want a pair of those.

Lyn said...

New Balance shoes are a must for me - not the same as yours, - I think mine are classed as tennis shoes, but I CANNOT do without a pair. Kenilworth Centre have a "factory" shop which sell New Balance shoes at a very good price.

adrian said...

Just joined. The pics on here are wonderfull and I'll be working my way through all the walks over the coming days. Thanks Helen.

Helen said...

Adrian, welcome, and thank you :-)

Lyn, that's where I bought these! Good to hear other walkers like you are happy with New Balance shoes. Now that I've done a few rambles in my pair I can say for sure that they were a good buy.