11 April 2009


Date: 4 April 2009

Location: Vermaaklikheid

Michele & Helen

We were in Vermaaklikheid, staying at Base Huis, for my brother's pit-firing pottery weekend.

Most of our time was spent busy with pottery activities and swimming in the gorgeous Duivenhoks river.

(Photos by Michele)

However, we did manage a short stroll around, setting off away from the river and heading along the road towards the hills.

(Photo by Helen)

We passed the adorable abandoned cottage on the rise.

(Photo by Michele)

The road went on, through the reeds and rushes, past Paddahoek cottage.

(Photos by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

A little further on we turned off the road and climbed the path up to Dom's house, on the hill.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

After a bite of lunch with Dom we walked on. The vegetation was very dry and scratchy alongside the road here on the hill.

(Photos by Michele)

We walked past Ian and John's old place.

(Photo by Michele)

We circled past the other cottages at the top of the valley...

(Photos by Michele)

... and headed back along the road.

(Photo by Helen)

Back at the river, we had another swim!

(Photo by Helen)

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