02 June 2009

Victoria Road to Clifton

Date: 1 June 2009

Location: Victoria Road,
Bantry Bay to Clifton

Walkers: Michele, Helen

** Route plotted here **

At last, another break in the rain, and a chance for a quick walk in the late afternoon sunshine! YAY!

Starting at Saunders Rocks (the spot on Beach Road where we usually turn around on our Sea Point Promenade walk) we set off in a southerly direction, up Seacliffe Road, and along Victoria Road through Bantry Bay, on the lower slopes of Lions Head.

This area is very built up with many apartment blocks, hotels and large homes. We could see the appeal of living on this Atlantic coast when we caught glimpses of their gorgeous ocean view.

As we rounded the bend, we stopped to admire the Twelve Apostles.

A little further on we could also see Table Mountain (from the side - the upper cableway station clearly visible). Lions Head was now behind us.

We walked on through Clifton. The bay has four idyllic beaches (accessed down steep stairs from Victoria Road) and seemingly endless building projects - as usual, cranes everywhere!

There was no time to go down to the beaches. The sun had set, and we had to walk back quickly before it was completely dark.

(All photos by Helen)


casa da poesia said...


"Negema wangu binti"

Abbreviated said...

We keep in touch with a guy who was a Rotary Exchange student in 1977 from SA.

Helen said...

casa: Thank you!
Abbreviated: That is a long time. Maybe you should come visit him in South Africa :)