10 June 2009

Maskew's Path up Signal Hill

Date: 10 June 2009

Location: from Glengariff Rd, Sea Point

Walkers: Helen and Delphi

*** Route plotted here ***

We set off rather late in the afternoon, from the corner of Glengariff and Springbok roads, at the very top of Sea Point. The path led through some gum trees and then out onto the open hillside.

We could already see we were in for a beautiful sunset.

The route cut diagonally up the slope of Signal Hill in the direction of Lion's Head. I was surprised at how steep the slope was, although it wasn't a difficult climb.

We kept looking back as the sun sank further down. It cast a soft rosy glow over the whole hillside.

The sun set as we reached the top. We turned around at the intersection with the Lion's Head path, and had to hurry down as fast as we could. It was almost pitch dark when we made it back - what an adventure!

(Photos by Helen)

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