23 June 2009

Keurboomstrand and Matjes Cave

Date: 14 June 2009

Location: Keurboomstrand, near Plett

Walkers: Michele, Claudia, Richard, Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

Keurboomstand is a small seaside holiday town a few kilometres east of Plett. We left our car in the parking area and followed the wooden board-walk down to the beach.

(Photos by Michele)

I'd forgotten that the beach sand in this area is golden yellow.

(Photos by Michele)

The sea was rough and too cold for swimming.

(Photo by Helen)

We meandered along the beach, amazed at the wonderful rocks.

(Photos by Michele) (Photo by Helen) (Photo by Richard)

Black oystercatchers sat in the sun.

(Photo by Michele)

At the water's edge we saw a large jellyfish. With tentacles!

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

There were many tiny black mussels on the rocks.

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

At the end of the main beach we squeezed through a gap in the rocks to reach another beach and the estuary of the Matjes River.

(Photo by Helen)

Richard had taken the cliff-top path and got great views of this from above.

(Photos by Richard)

It was a peaceful and unspoilt spot.

Michele found Gandalf's staff there!

(Photo by Helen)

In fact, there was a lot of driftwood around.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

On the next stretch there was an extraordinary rock formation: an arch with a little window above.... a sort-of clerestory.

(Photo by Michele)

Beyond this was a signboard informing us that we were entering the Tsitsikamma National Park. The coastline was becoming increasingly rough and rugged, so we turned round at this point and headed back.

(Photos by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

Back at the river we followed the sign up the hill, through the thick coastal bush, up to the strandloper cave. This is the Matjes River Rock Shelter.

(Photos by Helen) (Photo by Richard)

It was fascinating to learn more about this ancient midden, the people who lived here long ago, and the archaeological research done at this site.

(Photo by Helen)

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yolandi schreuder said...

The best kept secrets are actually 2-3km south of the, Tsitsikamma National Park signboard! Next time do yourself a favour and carry on further. Swimming pool sized rockpools, rich with sea life such as crabs, octopus, various colours urchins, jellyfish more caves and the best local fishing spots. I have a photo where we even stumbled across a random sheep, climbing the rocks!?

The year 2009 had particularly many drift wood lying on the beach because of bad prior floodings. It changed the whole "layout" of the beach.

The forest section to the left of Michelle (looking at photo) has the most spectacular fire flies during late December. And I've experienced the most clear and bright fluorescent (plankton) waves at Keurbooms, 2012 was a particular beautiful year. It literally reminded us of scenes from Life of Pi, truly indescribable!

Locals and regular holiday goers refer to Matjies River area as "Matjies Magic". I'm sure you also experienced it.

Interesting fact, Crusoe, the series was partly filmed at Keurboomstrand.