07 June 2009

The Pipe Track

Date: 6 June 2009

Location: from Kloof Nek

Walkers: Delphi, Helen,
Michele and Gwen

*** Route plotted here ***

This walk started with a climb up a flight of stairs from the parking area at Kloof Nek to get up onto the contour path.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

Once round the corner we could see the side of Table Mountain.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

The route we followed ran below the Twelve Apostles, the mountains above Camps Bay.

(Photo by Michele)

The cloud was low, down onto the peaks, when we started, but lifted during the course of the afternoon.

(Photo by Michele)

We passed Blinkwater Ravine, between Table Mountain and the Apostles.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

This was easy walking, mostly on the flat. The path runs along the course of the pipeway that brought water from the reservoirs on top of Table Mountain to the filtration plant at Kloof Nek. The old pipe and the pump houses can be seen at several places along the walk.

(Photos by Michele) (Photo by Gwen)

It was wonderful to see the fynbos so green again.

(Photo by Helen)

There was an incredible amount of water around after all the recent rain: puddles in the path, streams running strongly and numerous waterfalls. We even had to wade across the weir.

(Photos by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

Plenty of flowers and fungi to be seen also.

(Photos by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

The paragliders were out, making the most of the lovely weather.

(Photo by Michele)

We also saw birds. I think that's a Cape Sugarbird on the left, and on the right, the less-striped abandoned woolly-hat bird :-)

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

We walked on, enjoying the scenery...

(Photo by Michele)

... and the sunshine!

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Gwen)

At the Kasteelpoort turnoff we kept going straight, along the Pipe Track. The next route up that we passed is the well-named Woody Ravine. This path is currently closed due to a recent rock fall.

(Photos by Michele)

Beyond Woody Ravine the path climbed a bit, and rounded the bend beneath a steep cliff face.

(Photos by Michele) (Photos by Helen)

Soon after that we walked up stairs to get into Slangolie Ravine.

(Photo by Helen)

Lots of pipes here. I think the water was tunnelled from reservoirs above to an outlet here, and then pumped along the pipes towards the city, along the route we'd just walked.

(Photo by Helen) (Photos by Michele)

Although we didn't ascend up the ravine (it is not recommended as it is very dangerous) we felt pretty high up, and far away from civilization.

(Photos by Michele)

The ravine forest was lush and bushy.

(Photos by Michele) (Photo by Gwen)

Also damp, with several waterfalls!

(Photos by Michele)

We had to put raincoats on, to avoid getting thoroughly soaked.

(Photosby Gwen)

After a quick snack stop, we made our way back along the same route. The Apostles looked even more lovely now that there was more blue sky about.

(Photos by Michele)

There was a curious wisp of cloud on Lions Head.

(Photo by Michele)

Soon we were back at the start. Goodbye Pipe Track, til next time!

(Photo by Michele)


Alik Ibe said...

Good pictures....
I like.....
Nice blog....

Helen said...

Thank you, I'm glad you like!

Ami Dill said...

Hi Helen, You have awesome stuff on the websites! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Just to clarify: I have done part of the pipe track before, starting just off the roundabout, up some steps or wooden tracks... eventually it took us to a metal ladder. At that point, we turned back. do you know where i mean? If we would continue, where would it take us to?
Secondly, incase of snakes or danger... what would be the best number to call please? Thanks for your response. Ami