27 June 2009

Elephant Walk at Diepwalle

Date: 17 June 2009

Location: Diepwalle forest, near Knysna

Walkers: Helen and Michele

*** Map here ***

Diepwalle is a SAN Parks forest station inland from Knysna. It is the starting point for three routes for day walks through the forest. These are known as the Elephant Walks.

After issueing ourselves a permit we set off on the red route (Walk III). We followed the red elephant markers fixed to trees.

The path led through leafy indigenous forest.

Despite the drought the forest was looking pretty green and lush.

The sunshine filtering through the canopy made was delightful.

We saw only one Dietes in flower. Beautiful!

But there were many sorts of fungi, lichen and moss growing everywhere.

The path crossed several streams.

We came across a "big tree", an enormous and ancient Outeniqua Yellowwood. It was over 600 years old and 46m high.

A little further on we popped out the forest at Velbroeksdraai picnic area next to the road, and stopped here for a bit, enjoying the sunshine.

It was then a short walk back to the start. We drove a little way down the road to see another Yellowwood tree known as the King Edward VII big tree. Like the other, it was impressively large.

(Photos by Helen and Michele)

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Firefly said...

Saw the Diepwalle tag in your sidebar and couldn't resist looking. I love the Tsitsikamma and Knysna forests and just said the other day that I would love to spend a couple of days in the area again to just explore the forests. I haven't done the Diepwalle walk, but feels like I know that part of tyhe forest due to Daleen Matthee's books.