15 March 2009

Another Amble in Newlands Forest

13 March 2009

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Jenny and Iain,
Helen, Michele, Richard
and Daisy the dog

(Photo by Helen)

We set off along the same path as last time we walked in Newlands Forest: heading left on the tar road, and then gently up on the gravel forestry road through the pine plantation.

(Photos by Michele)

There was a week of news to catch up on as we strolled along.

(Photo by Michele)

As soon as we cleared the plantation we could see the peaks above again. They were just catching the last rays of afternoon sunshine.

(Photo by Michele)

We found the Hiddingh path branching off to the left from our usual route.

(Photo by Michele)

This path led straight into beautiful indigenous forest.

(Photos by Michele) (Photos by Helen)

Richard and Daisy dog were having lots of fun!

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

We came out of the forest and into the open again. As it was getting late we didn't go up the Hiddingh Steps to the contour path.

(Photo by Helen) (Photo by Michele)

Instead we followed another forestry road down to the start.

(Photo by Michele) (Photo by Helen)

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