26 March 2009

Swellendam: Walking Dogs at the Dam

Date: 19 March 2009

Location: Swellendam

Walkers: Ian, Helen, Dorothy, and dogs

The pine plantation adjoining the Marloth Nature Reserve is a popular dog-walking spot in Swellendam. First we walked round the dam.

Then Tessa and Nunu lead the way into the pine forest.

I spotted a berg adder on the road, in fact, almost stood on it. It was most likely a young one, as it was only about 20cm long. Even so, scary!
Update: I've been reliably informed (thanks, John) that this snake is in fact a night adder -the key diagnostic feature is the bold backward pointing chevron on the top of the head.

(All photos by Helen)

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Reggie said...

Thank you, Helen, for sending me the link to this picture of the snake; yes, it does indeed look very much like the one we encountered in the mountains outside Swellendam. According to the Wikipedia, their venom is not particularly toxic, but quite frankly, one never knows how the body will react, and I certainly wouldn't want to be bitten by ANY snake.