16 July 2010

Bantry Bay: Victoria Rd again

Date: 12 July 2010

Location: Bantry Bay

Walkers: Helen & Delphi

Previous walk along this stretch here.

We started our late afternoon walk at the end of the Promendade.

After heading up the hill we walked along Victoria Rd through Bantry Bay.

Delphi spotted whales in the bay again! I managed to get one blurry shot of their spray before they dived deep or moved off. Elusive giants.

Further along we got that classic view of the Twelve Apostles range. It never fails to remind me what a beautiful city this is.

We said hello to Lions Head and Table Mountain also.

One of the advantages of living along the Atlantic Coast is all that lovely afternoon sunshine, especially during wintertime. I'm envious!

When we got to Clifton we turned around, catching a soft pink sunset.


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Firefly said...

How I wish that I had the millions to own one of those places on the Atlantic seaboard to be able to sit and watch the sun set over the ocean like that every day.