27 September 2010

More Mouille Point

Date: 23 September 2010

Location: Mouille Point

Walker: Helen

You can see the Mouille Point archive here.

Keen to see progress on the new Green Point Park - which I visited earlier in the year (see here and here) and have been reading about on Biodiversity Blog - I tootled down to Green Point after work. However when I got there I found the gates closed. The sign said that while the garden is under construction it is closed for the safety of the public, which I guess I understand, although I was rather disappointed. I'll just have to wait until early November when the garden opens again... can't wait!

So instead I walked down to the Mouille Point promenade and walked there.

The paving trial section always amuses me!

I ambled down to the grassy verges and the sand.

Nice seeing flowers in bloom, even here.

And always good to be near the sea as the day ends.


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