10 September 2010

Waterfront Victoria Wharf

Date: 7 September 2010

Location: V & A Waterfront (Map here)

Walkers: Helen & Michele

Previous stroll at the Waterfront here.

As we were down at the Waterfront for some shopping and errands we took a few minutes to stroll around the quayside and look at the boats.

Here you will find expensive yachts moored beside replica sailing ships! And lots of tugs and other working boats. As I suffer terribly from motion sickness I don't like being on boats, but I really do like to look at them from the safety of solid ground.

From the boats we strolled across to Nobel Square on the north quay. There is something so odd about these statues of our laureates... they look like oompa-loopmas don't they? ;-)

The Coca-Cola crate man built for the Soccer World Cup is still there.

Lastly we ambled along the pierhead and watched the reflections on the water before heading back into the shopping mall.



Firefly said...

The Coca-Cola crate man needs to go. Pronto!

adult walkers said...

I agree coco cola crate man needs to see the red card!