13 August 2010

Swellendam: Another Walk with Dogs

9 August 2010


Walkers: Helen and Ian, with Nunu and Tessa

Previous dog-walks in this area here and here.

We put on our gumboots and took the dogs up the muddy lane. First stop, as always, was to say hello to the donkey in a nearby field. Hi, donk!

It was really cold and wintery. Although the cloud was down on the peaks now, earlier in the day it had lifted to reveal snow on the peaks above. One O'Clock Peak had the most. Very pretty, but very chilly indeed!

On the edge of town we climbed a bank and walked along the luiwater channel. Irrigation water is still distributed around the town in this old-fashioned way.

From up here on the hill we could see down to farmland below the Langeberg.

And as we circled round we looked down across the town.


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