14 August 2010

Kirstenbosch: Sculpture and Fynbos

Date: 13 August 2010

Location: Kirstenbosch

Walkers: Michele, Dorothy, Tarryn & Helen

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Kirstenbosch has displayed sculptures before, and on this visit we saw two new pieces, both Dylan Lewis. How exciting! The one with the cheetah after the antelope, situated below the tea room, beautifully captures the energy and movement of the chase and capture.

The minotaur, situated in the Dell, is sombre and mysterious.

After admiring the artwork we meandered through to the upper garden.

In the cycad garden we stopped to look at the cones. They are so strange.

We headed on up to the fynbos beds in the upper garden. They're looking magnificent at the moment... so much is in flower this time of year.

The pincushion proteas, the Leucospermums, open from fuzzy buds.

There were other spiky-looking flowers too.

We saw perfect protea flowers. The king protea is truly impressive; the flower head is about 25cm wide.

There were quite a lot of orange, red and purple flowers.

This erica with tall sunshine-yellow flower spires caught my eye.

As did this clump of yellow and orange cobra lilies.

Also in the yellow spectrum were these two. The top one is called featherhead. I think it so cute!

We also saw the soft pastel shades of lilac, light pink and silver.

The buchu garden is total treat for the senses. I love Kirstenbosch.



Firefly the Travel Guy said...

Kirstenbosch is looking stunning. I always love going to the upper garden when I I visit Kirstenbosch on the odd occation I go to Cape Town. If I had to live in CT I would probably go there at least once a month. There are now plans here in Port Elizabeth to turn St Georges Park, Victoria Park and Settlers Park into a combined botanical garden. I can't wait.

Helen said...

That's great for PE!