25 August 2010

Sea Point Prom: Lawn, Palms & Sea

Date: 25 August 2010

Location: Sea Point

Walker: Helen

The Sea Point Promenade archive is here.

It was a glorious sunny afternoon and I was drawn to the Prom for some fresh air and a stretch of the legs. After the recent rains the grassy lawns were a luscious bright green.

The beaches looked clean and tidy too. The tide was waaaay out.

It seems there is now some sort of restaurant on the site of the old pavilion. It is billed as an Exotic Food Faire. Hoping to catch some tourist trade?

I love being near the ocean so I stopped and watched the waves for a while.

On the walk back I noticed how many palm trees grow along this route: lots!

After my stroll I went to the Waterfront and met a friend for shopping, supper and a movie. Life is good.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

I saw the food place when I was in Cape Town last weekend but didn't have the time to stop. I just missed the demolition of the towers mentioned in your previous post. We slept late that morning after pulling a all nighter the Friday night to be in the front of the Survivor audition line. Cold and wet we were, but it was awesome.