16 August 2010

Newlands: Zig-zags in the Forest

Date: 15 August 2010

Location: Newlands

Walkers: Michele, Helen and Claudia with Daisy and Roxy

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Michele and I met Claudia and the dogs for a walk in the forest on a sunny Sunday afternoon. As I was still feeling tender after a very nasty headache we didn't walk very vigorously or head up the mountain. Instead we zig-zagged slowly along the forestry roads in the lower parts of the forest.

As always it was wonderful to be amongst the trees. So restful.

The stream was flowing nicely, although usually water levels would be higher this time of year. It has been a very dry winter.

It's been a while since I walked to the grassy outlook spot. There's a lovely view of the city from here, and one can see up to the mountain above.

This time of year snowdrops and arum lilies are in flower.

And the oak trees are coming into leaf. Spring is almost here!



Firefly said...

This looks like another stunning walk very close to the city. I really wish we had more such walks close to PE. As for the dry winter, imagine what its like here in PE after our dry summer and little rainfall last winter. We need lots of rain very badly.

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