12 August 2010

Swelledam: Stroll with Dogs

Date: 6 August 2010

Location: Swellendam

Walkers: Ian, John, Helen and Nunu

On holiday, visiting my brother in Swellendam again. The little dog gets a walk every afternoon and I was happy to tag along. It was nice to see these lovely mountains again.

We walked the familiar roads on the edge of the town.

Although not cold the countryside looked very wintery!



Firefly said...

I have travelled through and stopped in Swellendam so often, but has never stayed over and explored further than the museum complex. Perhaps something I need to do

Helen said...

Swelledam is very pretty place. I recommend the Marloth Nature Reserve - lots of short and longer day walks, and there are self-catering mountain cabins in the reserve that one can hire. The Hermitage and Leeuwrivier valleys nearby are definitely worth exploring too.