06 July 2010

Mouille Point: Now ALSO with Sculpture!

Date: 2 July 2010

Location: Mouille Point

Walkers: Delphi & Helen

Previous walks along Mouille Point Promenade described here and here.

Starting off from our usual spot in Sea Point we decided to walk right to Mouille Point instead of our usual route left. It was a mild winters day, still and sunny and a little bit hazy from a sea mist rolling in.

We saw whales in the bay! Sadly they were too far out to photograph.

I'd recently seen the new sculptures along Sea Point promenade so was intrigued to see more public art along this section of the prom. These four life-size zebra sculptures are part of the "Not All is Black and White" project - more info here. Aren't they wonderful?!

We strolled slowly all the way to the end of the promenade and back again the same way. So good to be outside!

There were a lot of boats out enjoying the beautiful afternoon and evening.

(Photos by Helen)


Firefly said...

I haven't walked the whole promenade, but I do like stopping at the lighthouse when I'm in CT and walking a short distance. Its really good to see that they have placed art along the way. They are doing the same thing on the Donkin Reserve in PE as well.

Rose&Thorn said...

I run the promenade most mornings (at sunrise) and I have loved the addition of the new sculptures. The girls and the dragonflies and now the horses - magical.