06 January 2010

Back to Mouille Point

Date: 5 January 2010

Location: Mouille Point

Walker: Helen

Previous walk in Mouille Point here.

I had a little bit of time to kill before meeting friends for drinks so took myself for a quick walk along the promenade in Mouille Point, doing a circuit around the lighthouse.

It was the hottest day we've had this summer - so far!

The sea was surprisingly rough considering it was such a still day. The waves were crashing up and over the barrier. I watched some kids enjoying the water and was myself grateful for the cool damp sea spray.

Although the strip is mostly all high-rises now there are still some smaller buildings. Behind them one can see Signal Hill with Table Mountain and Devil's Peak in the distance. I live in such a beautiful city!

And then there is the new Cape Town stadium. It is huge and towers like a giant mushroom or flying saucer behind the rows of apartments.

I think it is crazy to have built a sports stadium in this location. Yet, seen in its entirety it is a rather pleasing shape. I'm keen to see it up close and, if my application for tickets is successful, will attend a World Cup soccer match there later this year.

(Photos by Helen)

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Scraps of Bev said...

An area we know so well Helen, it's good to see the stadium now it's complete they were busy working on it when we were there last February..it looks very smart!