19 July 2010

Side Note: Safety Concerns

Today's Argus newspaper had an article warning people of dangerous areas on the mountain and listing the various muggings and attacks that have occurred over the last few months. I think it's important for us regular walkers and the general public to know what's going on. And it scares me to hear of several more incidents since mine in May.
How much of a concern is safety for you? Has it - will it -should it - change your walking habits? Are there areas you avoid? Do you take any special precautions? I'd like to hear your views on this topic.


Firefly said...

We have the same problems in Port Elizabeth on our trails and parks and it seems that people are avoiding some of them which is a shame. There were a couple of muggings on the Sacramento Trail which is probably one of our most popular ones, but luckily somebody was caught and walking there is now back to normal.

Helen said...

I was wondering if this was a problem in PE also and sorry to hear that it is. Very glad to hear that they apprehended the mugger though. I agree that is a shame to avoid particular places as this won't really solve the problems as I'm quite sure they will just go elsewhere. The only solution is to catch and punish the guys.