24 June 2010

Sea Point Prom: Now with Sculpture!

Date: 23 June 2010

Location: Sea Point

Helen & Michele

For other walks on the prom look at the archive here.

It was great to get down to the Sea Point promenade again, on a gorgeous winter's afternoon. Surprisingly balmy for this time of year.

I spotted a new sign: a map of the area. Useful!

And also saw the new series of sculptures dotted along the promenade. I really like the idea of art in public places and I think the sculptures are rather fun although they didn't 'speak to me' in any deep way. You can read more about the artist and her work here.

The aloes are flowering at the moment. Lovely aren't they.

The promenade was busy with lots of locals and World Cup visitors walking, running or simply enjoying the last golden rays and the pretty sunset.

(Photos by Helen)


Firefly the Travel Guy said...

When I am in Cape Town I nogal notice how many people make use of the promonade along the beachfront. Quite a lot more than in PE. Over here they are adding art pieces to the Donkin Reserve and will soon do so on a walk from the Campanile up to the Donkin as well.

Helen said...

I look forward to seeing your pics of the new art in PE once it is installed.
Yes, Capetonians really do use the promenade! It was even busier once the sun went down with all the local folks jogging and walking dogs. Nice to have somewhere safe to walk in the early evening, especially in these winter months.

Caroline said...

Cape Town is really getting creative! Thanks. Am looking forward to a stroll along the promenade soon.