22 July 2010

Lion's Head Circle: with Daisies!

Date: 20 July 2010

Location: Lion's Head

Walkers: Dom, Helen and the dogs

Archive of walks on Lion's Head here.

As we walked along the circular path around Lions' Head (this route) we noticed two things: that the silver trees have really grown tall, and that this time of year is daisy season!

Bright yellow daisies covered the lower slopes.

Fragrant buchu was also very much in evidence. We rubbed these flowers to release an sickly sweetness, almost artificial. Dom said it reminded him of a type of rubber we had as kids - yes, it is exactly that same smell.

We also saw phylica plumosa, commonly called featherhead, a very apt name. And also very large creamy white oxalis, closing up for the day as the sun disappeared.


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Firefly the Travel Guy said...

There are two walks that I have on my must do lists in Cape Town. One is to walk up Table Mountain (probably Platteklip Gorge) and the other is to go up Lion's Head for sunset.