19 April 2010

Newlands: Back to Woodcutter's

Date: 17 April 2010

Location: Newlands Forest

Walkers: Helen & Delphi

Previous walks along this path described here, here and here.

Following our usual route, we turned off 'dog poo lane' (our awful nickname for the main access path into the forest) as soon as we could, taking the path alongside the stream. It was looking dry and there was very little water running down at the bottom of the little ravine.

We walked down the road to the stream-side bench and continued up into the indigenous forest. There wasn't much light in the forest on this cloudy day, but it was very still and peaceful amongst the trees.

After completing the trail we made our way back down. The earth seemed to be a particularly reddish brown under the pines today and I can't remember if it is always like this or if it's something to do with the time of year or the recent weather?

Definitely seasonal though... pretty Autumn colours in the trees!

(Photos by Helen)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh. Beautiful. It's so strange and unexpected and lovely to see someone else's photos of the places we like to visit too. :-) Thank you for reminding us that the Newlands Forest trails are waiting for some intrepid exploration!

Helen said...

We're so lucky to have this spot for walking aren't we. I don't get there nearly enough!