12 April 2010

De Waal Park

12 April 2010

Location: De Waal Park in the city bowl

Walker: Helen

I needed to stretch my legs and clear my head after a tiring work day, so on my way home I stopped for a quick stroll in this community park in Oranjezicht. It is always good to walk amongst trees and green lawns. A mountain backdrop doesn't hurt either ;-)

Some of the trees are showing their autumn colours now. Beautiful!

The network of paths meet at the central fountain.

Also in the park are a gazebo, a children's play area, tennis courts and plenty of benches.

A population of squirrels live in the area. I saw many of them, darting around in the trees. Gathering nuts I presume!

This park is very popular with dog walkers. Plenty of canines were getting their daily exercise, with much frantic charging around, meeting and greeting, and chasing balls and squirrels. The Friends of De Waal Park organization provides free plastic bags and encourages dog owners to clean up after their pets. This makes the park a pleasant place to visit for everyone, so well done guys!

(Photos by Helen)

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