12 April 2010

Sunset Beach

Date: 11 April 2010

Location: Milnerton

Walkers: Delphi & Helen

**** Route plotted here ****

It was a beautiful autumn day so we decided to head up the coast to Sunset Beach for a walk at sunset.

This stretch of coast lies between Woodbridge Island in Milnerton and Dolphin Beach in Table View, and is accessed from the upmarket suburb also called Sunset Beach. The first thing we noticed after walking from the parking area over the dune to the sand is that iconic west coast view of Table Mountain. It never fails to impress.

We walked right, up the coast. This beach is flat and wide, perfect for easy-going strolling.

I was loving the golden light...

... and the reflections.

At regular intervals we passed piles of pebbles. The stones are so round, rolled smooth by the waves, and vary in colour from jet black to almost translucent. It is almost impossible to resist picking up one or two!

The oddest thing happened... Delphi was just telling me that this beach is known for fossilized whale bones, that they get churned up from below on the tides round about new moon... and moments later he picked up this specimen. It is a beautiful shape with a lovely smooth patina, definitely worth keeping.

We were so busy chatting we missed the actual sunset. Twits! But we paid attention to the soft pink light as the day ended.

And hurried back along dune-top path before darkness fell.

(Photos by Helen)

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